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Sihistin update

After a long quiet spell, things are again happening in Sihistin-land :)

Since the last weekend the battle of upgrading Sihistin platform from Drupal 5 to Drupals 7 has been going on, in addition all the image links (and files) are now 'self hosted', although the old links should work as well still. I reckon that Pekka's images in other fora has been loading somewhat haphazardly during last week, but the situation should have normalised now.

Next step is getting some sihisting bling-bling to basic Drupal theme ;)

Automatic comment filtering is under evaluation, as it has the advantage of not needing any CAPTCHA or similar thingummies. If it will work as advertised we'll keep the feature for general visitor ease of use.

You can leave feedback of the site in general (not content though - that's Pekkas responsibility!), problems etc. as a comment to this entry!